How SISTAR members diet and lose weight

Do you wonder how the members of your favorite group SISTAR lose weight? Here we compiled all the information and tips they have shared on intereviews and social sites.

Hyolyn (Hyorin)

SISTAR’s Hyolyn has said in many interviews that she doesn't like diets and exercise. Her secret to lose weight is "stop eating snacks". She stated that because singing and dancing are very demanding activities, it is very easy to lose weight.

SISTAR Hyolyn diet

Soyou (Soyu)

Soyou lost 8 kg (18 pounds) for SISTAR’s single, “So Cool“. She shared one of her meals in Twitter, it consisted of a couple of eggs, broccoli and pineapple.

  • (August 23, 2011) in Korean
    SISTAR’s Soyou tweets about her diet meals for "So Cool" single's comeback
SISTAR Soyou diet


Dasom lost 7 kg (15 pounds) for SISTAR’s single, “Alone“. She shared her diet tips and a picture in Twitter. Her meal consisted of fruits and vegetables (including cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a banana). In the picture she is without any makeup and pretty as always!

  • (April 17, 2012)
    SISTAR’s Dasom tweets about her diet secrets for "Alone" single's comeback
SISTAR Dasom diet

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